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Lecture: Peace and Violence In Islam and Christianity


  • Saturday's Debates Will Take Place on the Glenwood Campus of Coastal Community Church
  • 05.09.09 3:00-5:45 PM Osama Abdallah vs. Nabeel Qureshi: "Is The Qur'an Miraculous?"
  • 05.09.09 7:00-9:00 PM David Wood vs. Osama Abdallah "Was Jesus Crucified?"
  • Sunday's Debates Will Take Place at Jackson Memorial Baptist Church
  • 05.10.09 3:00-5:45 PM Farhan Qureshi vs. David Wood: "Who Was Muhammad?"
  • 05.10.09 7:00-9:00 PM Nabeel Qureshi vs. Farhan Qureshi: "Who Was Jesus?"