1. A breath of fresh air in serious catholic debate. Thank you.

  2. God Bless you David Wood and your friends for being so clear about the Muslim political religion cult. I think you should make with your friends at least 20 different versions about Islam NOT being a religion of peace. Muslims propaganda still promote that Islam is a religion of peace and many non-Muslims still get caught by this concept about Islam being a religion of peace only to find out the hard way after. An other subject of confusion are the women rights. Many Muslims promotes Islam as a women right mouvement that appeal to non-Muslims and create confusion. Those two subjects should be central subjects, they are key subjects that still create confusion among them. Maybe you should create 2 diffirent major sites about: 1 for peace and 1 for women rights in Islam and also focus conferences on those 2 key issues. Non-Muslims, even very well educated men and women still believe that Islam is a religion of peace and that they are the keepers of women rights. Again that you so much for helping us.

  3. Hi David,

    First of all thanks for all the work you do in refuting Islam. Your videos are enlightening and quite humorous.

    I'm a catholic wondering your views on Catholicism. I was looking for a set of doctrines on this website that I might compare to the catholic church but could find none. I'm not looking to convert. I'm convinced of the catholic faith. I simply want to hear your reasons for not being catholic.