Monday, January 9, 2017

Meryl Streep: Martyr or Moron?

At the 74th Golden Globes, actress Meryl Streep received the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement. She accepted the award with a powerful speech that repeatedly drew applause from the audience. But does Streep have any clue what she's talking about? Marie Wood discusses the issue.


  1. Marie, I just Love you! You are smart, articulate and hilarious!

  2. Awesome commentary! Ah, the Rich Hollywood self proclaimed Elitists! Stick to acting.

  3. It's a short step from sanctimony to self-appraised heroism. The fault, in this case dear Brutus, is not in ourselves but in our stars...

  4. I really hated Streep's presentation. There were many commentaries about it and this the best one I have seen. THANK YOU.
    There are three additional points I would like to make:
    1. The press always gets the last word.
    Streep claims that Trump outranks the reporter in ability to fight back. That is absurd! You can go so far as to sue the press and get a verdict on one media lie. And the next day, the media can lie again. Unless you want to spend your life fighting the media - at some point you have to realize they always get the last word. That is powerful.
    2. This point is the most important to me. Streep claims there was one performance of the year that made this devastating impression on her. I don't remember if she says she actually saw it or at least her words insinuate she saw it. How else could a performance make such a deep impression?
    I saw a photo of Streep dressed as Trump to make fun of him. It seems that when she was told that Trump made fun of a reporter - she imagined the making fun was similar to how she makes fun. I don't think she saw Trump's alleged impression of the reporter.
    Streep says Trump's impression got its desired results because the audience bared their teeth in laughter. She did not know that Trump was not doing an impression for humor. And the audience DID NOT LAUGH. Streep did not know that. She obviously never saw the performance she claims to have clawed at her heart.
    Trump was simply agitated because a reporter had lied about reporting on something in order to make Trump look stupid. When confronted with his lie, the reporter became agitated trying to deny his lie. Trump simply was recounting the incident. It was not a skit to get laughs. Streep did not know that. Obviously she did not even see this grand performance that she claimed made this big impression on her.
    She is a liar and a fraud.
    3. Where did her acting capabilities go? She seemed uneasy saying these lies. Unable to catch her breath. At the end of her presentation she had to be led off stage because she was disoriented.

    I believed Streep was a great actress. But it was my belief because that is what I have been told. Now that I think of it... looking back on her movies I have seen... She is overrated. Trump is right.

  5. This was very entertaining. Thanks, Marie!

  6. Do you think it's becoming for a Christian to call anyone a moron in light of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount?

  7. I guess I will comment so My Properties above does not get the last word.
    What an awful way to phrase things M.P. !! He comments that Jesus cannot be God if He is dying on a cross. The commenter and everyone like him does not understand the two natures of Christ or the hypostatic union, he should look it up, for it takes too much space to explain it to a dumb mindset like a Muslim or a JW.
    As for Streep, she suffers from a debilitating case of Liberalism, which afflicts many in Hollywood, academia and journalism...
    Go figure.
    Fortunately,there are more conservatives in America than Leftists. That is good for America.

  8. We of the christian mindset love you "My Properties" and pray that you will NOT go to hell.

  9. Read the Bible, before you decide.