Thursday, June 18, 2015

Daniel Buttafuoco: What Man Intends for Evil, God Intends for Good (Some Real Life Examples)

Here's a lecture by world-class attorney Daniel Buttafuoco on the "Problem of Evil" (the problem of reconciling God's existence with the abundance of evil in our world).


  1. @DavidWood not sure if it posted. Excellent talk. Bible examples were from old cov. Shouldnt cross make huge redemption diff. For new cov. people? Before they had a chance to grow up spiritually into mature sons devil was trying to wipe them out so we dont see much because of constant persecution in new t. Butafuoco used poor ol Job who devil attacked as example. Joseph old t. also had his fill of evil circumstances..Job corrected something to get back into the blessing flow..Josephs blessing kept on wherever he went..and lifted him up to top. Joseph kept his heart pure. New cov.should have way more than old post cross. Kingdom inside us Jesus said use his name Jesus said Jesus said speak to the mountain in Jesus name commanding it to get out of the way. Jobs hedge of protection had gap caused by Job sacrificing in fear not faith. Job moved in fear through fear which is opposite to faith devil caught Job got into his life to mess it. Gospel examples of Christians may show them Not practicing what Jesus taught. Jesus got upset while on earth with disciples not operating in faith for fish and bread dinner..their idea was feed people by paying for dinners with money.Jesus got upset wuth their small idea..he wanted them to suggest miracle feeding.:) just like demon posessed disciples couldnt cast out called them little faith..not..this hirrible evil will somehow be good. God can Change evil mold it into good. God us nit absent today He and Creation are waiting on us to do something..miraculous.

  2. Not one of the people who say God shouldn't let sin happen - not one - would consent to the removal of their own free will. Free will includes the option to sin. That sinning is what we opt for is our own fault, not God's.

    Must see Is God Real website

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