Friday, January 23, 2015

The Moral Argument for God's Existence (Reasonable Faith)

Here's an excellent short video by Reasonable Faith (William Lane Craig's ministry) on the moral argument for the existence of God.


  1. 0:40 - simple. There is no *objective* good or bad (morality).

    1. @+JohnSmith -
      Not sure if my reply already sent or not.
      Without objective morality human beings would go insane. (If it were suddenly removed from earth)
      Because you made the point above...I can see you are either lying to yourself and accepting your own lies in order to get away with some things you dont want to comply with in your own subjective morality that exist in objective morality you have rejected or you have another reason for being intellectually dishonest. Maybe you are in denial.

      Its obvious that without objective morality the earth would be in complete chaos. Insanity would be the very end result along a very painful for everyone continuum.

      No objective morality would be like highways with no road rules. Chaos and extreme pain probably death will result

      Someone who entertains the idea of no objective morality is intellectually dishonest as this is not a reasonable ir workable idea and has to be abandoned.

      This is one reason why there has to be a God. Humans cannot survive for long without him.
      Hell is likely a place of no objective morality.