Monday, January 26, 2015

Are Atheists Becoming More Radical?

A while back, I posted a comment from an atheist who was advocating public burnings of religious books. More recently, I've seen increasing calls from atheists to wipe religions from the planet. Here's an example:

A far more moderate atheist, instead of calling for wiping out Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, etc., prefers to deport non-atheists to a single continent (hopefully one of the larger ones).

These calls for book-burnings, forced segregation, and massacres are ironic, since the reason for ridding the world of various religions is supposedly that they lead to book-burnings, forced segregation, and massacres.

Oddly enough, however, if a Christian were to propose a book-burning, or the deportation of non-Christians, or violence against non-Christians, this would somehow be proof that Christianity is violent and intolerant. Yet when we see atheists regularly advocating the very same things, we're not supposed to draw any conclusions about atheism.

Hypocrisy, anyone?


  1. We live in a world where being inconsistent, is considered to be consistent 😏.

  2. Even more hypocritical when one considers that explicitly atheistic governments have been directly responsible for far more deaths than Christianity in a FAR shorter time frame (the rate exceeding either Christianity or Islam), so much so that they are only bested in this body count by Islam (though expect the gap to be much larger once Jihadists gets the bomb).

  3. I know they are slowly losing the fight. That's why they act in this way. It's powerlessness. Do you have questions about my point of view? Ask me!

    1. I have some.

      Can you back up your assertion that they are slowly losing the fight?

  4. I get comments like that from atheists all the time, basically saying we'd be better off if all Christians were wiped from the earth. Just look at all the atheistic communist countries. They've imprisoned, tortured, and killed millions of Christians over the last century. I have no doubt they'll do the same thing here if given the opportunity.

  5. Aetheists often claim that religion is responsible for all war (whether directly or due to the political make-up of the world due to its religious background). It is something I myself also said for a short while in my blindness.

    Truth and scripture and the truth of scripture, to me, is completely distinct from religion. Religion is a man-made organised system of ritual and practice. But that is not the point I want to make here.

    I want to make the point that the claim that 'religion is responsible for all wars' is a fallacy.
    The correct claim should state and mean 'Humans are responsible for all wars.'.

    I say this because it is the scientists whom the Aetheists champion which designed and design the gun, the bombs, the missiles, the military technologies, the aircraft, the ships, the chemicals etc

    I just thought it was an important point to make.

    Science and Aetheism is as much to blame for war as religion is.

  6. You can be dead if you never existed