Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Daily Show Blasts Dan Barker and the Freedom from Religion Foundation

Of course, The Daily Show blasts everyone, but it's refreshing to see this level of consistency.

Dan Barker has made it his life's mission to wage a legal war against Christians. His latest battle involves a diner that offers a discount for people who pray or have a moment of silence before their meal. Barker thinks that the civil rights of atheists are being violated.

This interview with Barker is classic.

***WARNING*** Contains strong language.


  1. Can I ask you a somewhat pastoral question? How do you keep yourself from getting furious and bitter and nasty towards atheists like Dan Barker? Like, how do you keep yourself from getting infuriated at their empty hubris and clear idiocy...though they champion themselves as the torch-bearers of reason? I feel so much bitterness at the moment...

    1. Great youtube channel btw mrmanwookie

    2. just don't consume to much foolishness, there is always a limit to anything.
      Take some time out if it affects you negatively.
      The Lord is our shepard, always try to look at him. God bless

    3. Don't feel bitterness. I have mixed feelings about people like Barker. First of all, they make me laugh with their silly antics and foolish statements all in the name of getting back at religion and the religious. But then I also pity and feel sad for them due to their obvious failure to find anything meaningful to do with their lives and spending their short time on this planet coming up with so many petty ways to hurt religion. I mean, yeah, fighting against a restaurant discount for praying/having a moment of silent reflection. That'll show the God they hate but claim to not believe in! It's both hilarious and pathetic at the same time.

    4. Hey, I know this is a bit of a late reply but I think we've all felt what you're expressing. There is not easy answer, there's just an awesome example for us to follow and that's how Jesus responded to people like Dan Barker.

      It wasn't that he was always patients, long-suffering and calm (because sometimes he wasn't!), what he did differently is that he looked beyond the "nasty" surface of the person arguing and saw their heart. He knew that people do things for a reason, and he knew how to speak to that (the cause), instead of what they said (the effect.)

      Every doctor knows that if you want to cure someone, you manage the symptoms while you're treating the cause of the disease that creates those symptoms. Dan Barker is not just a nob, he's like he is for a reason. We might not know it, but God does. Ask God to help you hear the pain within a person, rather the words they say and I promise you you that bitterness will be replaced with understanding, wisdom and compassion.

      There are still those times when I just feel like smacking people upside their heads, but then I look into their eyes and I realize that I have the keys to the kingdom of heaven in my hand and they are lost. It helps me to get perspective and to chase away the bitter blues!

      I hope that's of some small help.



    5. Watch the following video. Then, when you feel that way, make yourself put those glasses on. It helps me.