Thursday, December 11, 2014

David Baggett: On Psychopathy and Moral Apologetics

Here's an excellent article by David Baggett discussing some of the issues related to my testimony and moral apologetics.
"The Return of the Prodigal Son," by Murillo—When David Wood was a boy, his dog was hit by a bus and died. Although his mother was terribly upset, he was not. He figured it was just a dog, now it’s dead, end of story. A few years later when a friend of his died, his response was largely the same. He didn’t feel any particular regret or remorse, but at the same time, largely owing to the very different responses of others, he sensed that maybe he should. Not everyone emotionally impaired in such a way turns violent, but he did. In years to follow, he extended his emotionally dead and unempathetic take on those around him by engaging in some horrifying acts, like brutally attacking his father with a hammer until he thought him dead (he wasn’t). Wood was convinced that right and wrong were fictions to be discarded at will and that the apathetic universe couldn’t care less how anyone acts.

The absence of empathy that Wood seemed to exhibit as a young boy is often indicative of psychopathy or sociopathy. Although sometimes these categories are treated interchangeably, some insist that there are crucial clinical differences between them. For example, some (like Chris Weller) suggest that, though both psychopaths and sociopaths tend to lack fear and disgust, sociopaths are more likely to be found holed up in their houses removed from society, while a psychopath is busy in his basement rigging shackles to his furnace. Psychopaths are dangerous, violent, cruel, and often sinister. Showing no remorse, they commit crimes in cold blood, crave control, behave impulsively, possess a predatory instinct, and attack proactively rather than as a reaction to confrontation. (CONTINUE READING.)


  1. Hey, man. I took some cheap shots at you and I apologize. It's been a lesson. Thank you.

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  3. Hi. I came across your material when I began to research Islam, and started to draw many of the same conclusions that you so derogatorily, yet so artfully and incisively articulate.

    By the time I had finished watching two of your vids, I had you pegged as an antisocial (in the clinical sense of the term), because I well recognized how you were taking just a bit *too* much pleasure in verbally eviscerating your opponents.

    So I googled the terms "David Wood" and "psychopath", came across your backstory and testimony, and was thoroughly vindicated when I saw myself in you.

    I find myself wondering how you navigate the challenges of having a family with this particular set of emotional deficiencies and "defects" (I mess up a lot. My lack of affective empthy, and normal inhibitory emotional responses such as shame and transformative guilt, influence me sin in the same ways, repeatedly.)

    But I am encouraged by your courage, and inspired by the strength with which you affirm your convictions. This is fearlessness in action- a gift psychopaths are accorded, which you leverage beautifully.

    Your wife is strong. I too am married to a strong partner-- God's blessing to me.

    I enjoy watching you gut Islam, skilfully exposing its slimy underbelly with characteristic humour and wit. And I really appreciated this article, which resonated deeply with me.

    It is a reminder that God can save even a wretch like me.

    Keep fighting the good fight, David.