Thursday, October 2, 2014

Leonard Susskind on the Fine Tuning of the Universe for Life and Consciousness

Leonard Susskind is a professor of theoretical physics at Stanford University and one of the developers of string theory. In this interview, Susskind discusses cosmological fine tuning and the various ways of explaining it.


  1. He dismisses God out of hand, of course, though there's no need to apart from satisfying his hatred of the notion that God exists and created the conditions of the planet to support his living creations. He primarily posits a ridiculous idea that is not provable -- that conditions in other parts of the universe are completely different from what we see in our part of the universe. Heck, that idea isn't even evidenced in what we observe! There are no vast areas where nothing exists because electrons don't and can't exist there.

  2. Dear Dr. Wood,
    Thank you for putting this very interesting video up. May I also mention the wonderful blog of astronomor Luke Barnes (from the University of Sydney) here, called Letters to Nature ( He is an expert on fine-tuning, and is at the moment destroying Richard Carrier on the subject (again!).
    In Christ,
    Freek Sanders