Saturday, April 26, 2014

Was Jesus' Resurrection Copied from Pagan Myths?

Wall painting of Osiris
A long, long time ago, in an academic atmosphere far removed from common sense, certain critics of Christianity popularized the claim that the story of Jesus' resurrection was drawn from pagan myths. However, since history proves that Jesus' original followers were preaching about his resurrection within months of his crucifixion, critics who support the pagan myth theory must hold that Jesus' original followers were somehow influenced by myths of dying and rising gods associated with yearly cycles and fertility rites. But first-century Jews were the last people on earth who would be influenced by such myths. Moreover, because we know that Jesus' disciples (along with some of his enemies) were convinced that he had appeared to them after his death, we can only wonder how the influence of pagan myths became strong enough in first-century Israel to induce mass hallucinations!

The claim that Jesus' resurrection appearances can be explained by pagan myths is itself a myth.

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