Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Trinity Explained

Superficial thinking about the nature of God makes men unitarians. Deep contemplation convinces us that God is a Trinity.

Here's a two-part series on explaining the Trinity. There's certainly room for disagreement on certain points in the videos, but they're a good introduction to more careful thinking about the nature of God.




  1. YES! InspiringPhilosoohy makes excellent videos!

  2. My problem with this series is that it assumes that omniscience requires 'viewing' rather than 'knowing,' which are two separate things.

  3. I agree that God was all knowledge and omnipresent etc... What we do not agree is that those qualifications do not apply to the other God Jesus, as he was not omnipresent, and not All knowledge (he did not know when the Hour is coming as stated in the Bible). . He was born, so he started in a certain time, so he was not Timeless for example. Of Course, some christians will say that only his human form was under the physics of time, etc. but still, this concept of Trinity is not explained nor mentionned in the Bibile itself. Plus Jesus never said litterarly " I AM GOD".

  4. Still, All this does not make any logical sense. Where in the Bibile do we find the concept of Trinity NOWHERE.
    Where in the Bibe do we find that Jesus claims clearly that he is God. NOWHERE.
    All we find is some interpretation of John's Gospell but nothing in the Other Gospells Luke, Mathew and Mark. Hmmm, suspicious.

  5. His point that a 2-D person can NEVER understand or visualize a cube is completely false, Even little kids can draw and visualize a cube using a 2D paper. The snapshot at time 3:01 shows that cube that can be drawn or visualize as a 2D cube. It does not have to be a square all the time. If you can draw it on paper the a paper man can also see its 3D edges.

    1. You missed the point, Faraz. As three-dimensional creatures, WE can visualize a three-dimensional figure drawn on two-dimensional paper, because we can look at it, and we know how to interpret the two-dimensional drawing as a three-dimensional figure. But a two-dimensional creature could not even see the drawing, since seeing the drawing requires three-dimensional eyes. The point is that a two-dimensional creature could not even comprehend a three-dimensional being.

  6. Why would existing in more dimensions require more personalities? The logic seems flawed to me.