Sunday, March 23, 2014

Greg Koukl: Did Adam Have Libertarian Free Will?

Libertarianism is one of three main positions (the others being Hard Determinism and Compatibilism) in discussions about free will and determinism. Libertarian free will includes, at a minimum, some degree of indeterminism (the future is not completely determined by the past) and the ability to voluntarily do otherwise (i.e., a person has a genuine ability to do X or not to do X, with both options being under the control of the person's will).

In the following video, Greg Koukl discusses whether Adam had Libertarian free will.

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  1. Would it be fair to consider that the modern libertarian political viewpoint here in America could actually be a trap disguised as a conservative mindset. If it is true that we all have a sin nature that Adam did not have, I would assume we could not handle the responsibility of a true libertarian world view.
    I still can't vote for Hillary Clinton.
    By the way David, thank you for the love and dedication you showed to Nabeel in leading him to Christ. I believe you have a mountain of treasure piled high in Heaven. I truly believe Nabeel is going to be one of the most powerful witnesses to the Muslim world and I can't wait to see God work.
    I think we as a body will need to create a Muslim rescue of sorts for the ex-Muslim believers. I'm sure Nabeels story of being alone and left by his family is common.
    I see Christian families taking in these new Christians.