Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Daniel Wallace: Are the New Testament Manuscripts Reliable?

It's quite common to hear critics of the Bible say things like "The New Testament we have today is just a translation of a translation of a translation" or "The Gospels were written centuries after the events they report." Such claims reveal the ignorance of many of the Bible's critics!

In the following videos, New Testament scholar Daniel B. Wallace explains why we can trust the New Testament manuscripts in our possession.



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  1. That's why we have tradition both oral and written, as well as the writings of the Church Fathers; Ignatius of Antioch, Ireneas of Lyons, the Didache, etc. These things will give context to just about everything, though most of the Eastern Fathers used primarily the Septuagint vs. the Masoretic text which the West heavily relies upon (Jesus and His Apostles used both, though the Septuagint was usually the primary version as shown in the Dead Sea Scrolls for example).