Monday, March 11, 2013

D. A. Carson: How Can We Trust the New Testament Canon?

The New Testament "canon" (Greek: "measuring stick") consists of 27 first-century writings that Christians believe to be inspired by God. What were the criteria for recognizing these inspired writings? How did Christians distinguish first-century writings from later works? New Testament scholar D. A. Carson explains.


  1. What a great explanation! :) Are there any videos of this man explaining the different audiences for each Gospel narrative, for example one of them is more of a catechism style, one is showing more of the spiritual allegorical style, etc.

  2. This begs a question: if we trust the Church to have determined the Word by intelligently determining the criteria and then the documents that qualified to be in the canon of the New Testament, why do we not trust the same church with handing on the faith in matters of tradition. The bible itself contains references to the importance of the written communication and the traditions. You can look at any Catholic apologetics site to find these references. Also, since we have so many people disagreeing on how to interpret the bible don't you think God would have thought of that problem? Why do you insist on being the final arbiter of the true interpretation? Have you looked at the reasons you can and have to trust the Catholic Church with the same dedication as you put into all other subjects that you study?

    Mr. Wood, I have only heard very helpful things from you about Islam. Thank you for your work. I consider myself a fellow christian and you and your family are in our prayers. I do want to know though that you will receive fullness of God's gift to you in the Sacraments offered by His church.